Water transfer printing “3D curved printing”

Water transfer printing  3D curved printing

1. Application range:

It is applied to traditional screen printing, pad printing and thermal transfer, which cannot overcome complicated shape and dead space. It is suitable for various kinds of materials. It provides gloss and durable appearance, waterproof and colorfast, added value and aesthetic value, as a high quality transfer printing technology.


2. Application principle:

Specially treated polymer film is printed with color texture and placed on tank surface. Water pressure is used to transfer color texture and graphics to products of any shape in a uniformly covered surface. It is followed by rinsing, drying, clearcoat. The finished product presents a novel and modern visual effect.

3. Water transfer printing flow process:

a. Transfer printing film: water-based film pre-printed with graphics.    b. Activation: a special solvent activates graphics into ink state


c. Transfer printing: water pressure is used to transfer graphics to the object.


d. Rinsing: rinse the residual film by water.


e. Drying: dry the printed object    

f. Topcoat: spray clearcoat to protect the surface

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