Automatic water transfer printing machine (3DAT500)

Product Feature

1. Electrical system:

(1) Full parameter setting, easy operation and adjustment.

(2) Adopt European specifications, high safety.

(3) Full servo-style control.

2. Most user-friendly design, sales started since 2000, accumulated suggestions for continuous improvement and progress from the largest number of users. 

3. Most energy-saving operation, rated 18 KW, actual testing MAX: 9.5 KW, meet current energy-saving trend.

Product Specification

1. Transfer printing workpiece dimensions: 60W X 100L (cm)

2. Workpiece transfer printing speed: 1 ~ 3 (m/min)

3. Power requirements: 18 (kw)

4. Air pressure requirements: 6 (kg/cm2)

C. Application examples: