Tunnel-type washing machine

Product Feature

 Electrical system:

1. Convenient for operation and adjustment.

2. Adopt European specifications, high safety.

Most user-friendly design, accumulated suggestions for continuous improvement and progress from the largest number of users.

Most energy-saving operation, rated 5 KW (other brand 9KW), meet current energy-saving trend.

Capable of fully automatic continuous production with easy and simple operation, low maintenance cost, minimal reject rate, increased capacity.

Widely used in emulating surface grain appearance, such as electronic 3C/automobile interior and accessories/furniture and construction materials, to increase added value and competitiveness to products.

Product Specification

1. Workpiece dimensions: 120W (cm)

2. Washing speed: 1 ~ 3 (m/min)

3. Power requirements: 5 (kw)

4. Air pressure requirements: 6 (kg/cm2)