Gravitational casting machine

Product Feature
  • Main use for small castings, characteristics:

    *Product surface, polish characteristic.

    *Enhanced mechanical properties.

    *Mechanized production with high yield.

    *Broad material range aluminum, copper…etc.

    Customer applications: 1. Water metals; 2. Mechanical parts…etc.

    Gravitational casting uses metal mold, graphite mold or special mold, without need of pressurization.

    Yung Hung Precision Machinery considers the manufacturing equipment needed by customers, focuses on gravitational casting R&D and manufacturing. According to maximum mold diameter and maximum mold weight, DC-450 and DC-600 are provided, with touch control panel and hydraulic valve LED optoelectronic display, good quality, easy operation, as your best choice in casting equipment.

Product Specification
  DC450 DC460
Casting method Front casting
Side casting
Joint casting 
Control method Full electrical
Touch panel
Hydraulic valve LED optoelectronic display
Independent immersion tank
Technical information Maximum mold diameter 450 600
Maximum mold weight  130Kg 250Kg
Flange spacing 460mm 580mm
Casting angle  0~90 0~90
Rated power  5kw 5kw
Machine floor area W × L × H 1850x2000x1600 1850x2150x1700